You Are Not Broken

Hi lovely friends. You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting as often recently. I’m getting married and going on my honeymoon next month, so the past few weeks have been incredibly busy getting ready for the big day! I will post intermittently until after the wedding and then I will go back to weekly blog posts in May. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

These past couple of months, I immersed myself in an intensive Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy training. The program teaches mental health professionals and yoga teachers how to work with those suffering from trauma, ptsd, panic disorder and more. I learned so much and I’d love to share with you a few takeaways I had from the training. Continue reading

The Bravery of Not Letting Fear Win

I recently got back from a four day trip to Orlando with my sister for a little pre-wedding weekend away. The weeks leading up to the trip, my anxiety flared big time due to outside circumstances and not taking care of myself the way I should have. I was having panicky sensations and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could handle this vacation. I imagined every worst case scenario and wondered if I would be okay. I was scared.

But even though having flare ups is a totally normal and expected process, we can never un-learn all the tools we’ve already gathered. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned (and now teach) about how to work with the fear that keeps us trapped and small, it’s that we have to keep pushing forward. We have to keep doing the things that scare us until they don’t scare us anymore. Continue reading

Working with Obsessive, Intrusive Thoughts and Fears

I am well-versed in obsessive fears. My anxiety finds something to cling to and then it obsesses. It goes over the fear again and again until I feel sick and immobile.

What is an obsessive, intrusive thought?

It’s any unwanted thought that pops into our head and scares us half to death. These thoughts are usually nowhere near plausible and don’t have an ounce of truth to them, like the intrusive thought, “what if I become a pedophile?” when you’re the gentlest person, and the likelihood of that happening is very, very, very low. Continue reading

When You’ve Reached a Low Point and Feel Like Giving Up

I’ve been there. You’re exhausted. You feel hopeless. You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be helping. You’re in immense physical and emotional pain. You can’t imagine things ever getting better.

There were days I would just cry. I would sob and heave and pray frantically. It felt like I might explode out of my skin with fear and sorrow and pain.

But when you feel like this- hopeless, frustrated, exhausted- it isn’t the time to sit idly by. Continue reading

5 Tools for Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts

Lately I’ve been struggling with intrusive thoughts. Everything under the sun. In the past week, I’ve gotten caught in thought loops surrounding: what if I become schizophrenic or develop post-partum psychosis? What if I become an alcoholic? What if I get divorced someday? What if I have children and they hate me? What if I relapse and don’t have a support system/can’t make my way out? What if my dog gets run over? What if my parents die in a car accident? Continue reading