The Choice of Peace

To be honest, the past few months have been challenging for me. Outside circumstances keep popping up and throwing me off and recently, something happened with family that caused me to question everything, and spiraled me into my old habits of anxiety and depression. I caught myself gripped in fear with worst-case scenarios and immobile with pessimism that things will never change or get better. I was walking around completely STUCK in my own misery. Continue reading

You Are Not Stuck: Neuroplasticity and the Ability to Change

When we’re struggling with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and depersonalization, we can often begin to feel frustrated at our lack of progress. We might even begin to think that maybe it will always be this way. Even when we see others overcoming and flourishing, we might wonder whether we’re just stuck like this- that maybe our brains are just wired differently and there’s nothing we can do about it. Continue reading

When You’ve Reached a Low Point and Feel Like Giving Up

I’ve been there. You’re exhausted. You feel hopeless. You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be helping. You’re in immense physical and emotional pain. You can’t imagine things ever getting better.

There were days I would just cry. I would sob and heave and pray frantically. It felt like I might explode out of my skin with fear and sorrow and pain.

But when you feel like this- hopeless, frustrated, exhausted- it isn’t the time to sit idly by. Continue reading