My latest Ebook, A Return to Self: Depersonalization and How to Overcome It, is now available on Amazon.


In this book, yoga teacher and writer Malia Bradshaw shares her personal experience with panic disorder and depersonalization/derealization recovery. Depersonalization and Derealization are both states of dissociation that are characterized by feeling separate from oneself or one’s surroundings. Having been through the trenches of dissociation herself, Bradshaw shares the research and coping skills that were monumental in her recovery.

This book addresses her experience with depersonalization, what depersonalization is, what the symptoms are, some possible causes, and nine coping skills to implement into your daily life.

It is in easy-to-navigate book from someone who has been through it and come out the other side.

Other People Feel This Too: Finding Compassion in the Midst of Hardship is also available on Amazon.


“Have you ever felt alone or ashamed, as if you were the only one experiencing hardship or difficulty in navigating through life? In this book, Malia Bradshaw explores our innate tendency to feel isolated and unworthy when we’re struggling with self image. She delves into her own experience with panic disorder, anxiety, depression, and depersonalization to demonstrate how hardship can actually open us up to more compassion. When she shared that she was dealing with panic disorder through an article that reached over a million people, she realized that, whatever it is that we’re dealing with, other people feel this , too. This book covers the topics of anxiety, depression, insecurity, and grief in hopes of bringing about more of a sense of community.”