Wedding Registry Items I Actually Love & Use Daily

When I first started putting together my registry for my wedding back in April, I had no idea where to start. I felt like, since we already had a home together for several years, we had pretty much everything we needed. But after looking through my kitchen, I realized I could use an upgrade on a lot of outdated, frustrating-to-use products.

I’ll admit that I don’t use everything on my registry as much as I’d hoped (totally my fault since I’m the one who picked them out!), but I’d love to share with you the products that I actually LOVE and use almost every single day. It really makes life a lot easier when you’ve got these things around! Continue reading

5 Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

I’ve always been a little book worm. But as I get older and busier, I find that I have less patience for books that don’t hook me right away. This means I spend a lot of time researching books and starting books to see if they’re my style. Thank goodness for public libraries!

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on some reading so I wanted to share what I’ve read so far this summer. I tend to gravitate towards more lighthearted, fun reading, rather than heavy or thrilling subjects. There’s too much horror going on in the world already so when I escape away while reading, I like it to make my heart smile.

Let’s start with the books I’ve enjoyed and finished this summer! Continue reading

Our Magical Country Wedding

As many of you know, I got married this April (yay!) and I’m excited to share details of my special day. I won’t lie, I was incredibly stressed and anxious leading up to the wedding, as well as on the actual day. I honestly just wanted to get it over with so that I could relax. But anxiety aside, it was truly the most amazing, heartwarming day of my life. Having so many people I loved in one place was almost too overwhelming!

All in all, I’m beyond happy that I finally got to marry the love of my life and our new life together couldn’t be sweeter. Here are some details of our wedding day with mostly Austin-based vendors, and lots of pictures 🙂 Hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Dublin, Ireland Travel Guide

My husband and I were so excited to have Dublin, Ireland as the first stop on our European honeymoon this spring. We’ve both always wanted to visit Ireland (him for the beer and me for the landscapes), and it did NOT disappoint.

With only four days in the country, we felt like we barely scratched the surface and realized there was so, so much more to see. We’ll definitely have to go back to check out all the spots we missed. Here’s a travel guide based on our amazing time in Dublin! Continue reading

A Peek Into My Natural Skincare Routine

I used to struggle daily with horrible acne in my teens and early twenties. Several years ago, my skin was covered in pimples and blemishes on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. (I wish I had a picture but I honestly think I avoided cameras at all costs during this time. Sometimes I didn’t even like to leave the house). The ones on my cheeks were the most painful and if I touched them in any way, they would leave a lingering scar. Continue reading

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I thought I would take this first post of the new year to share a little more about myself, so that you can know who is behind this blog. I would love to know more about who I’m interacting with, so feel free to leave something about yourself in the comments below!

*For this new year, I will be sharing a brand new post each week. Be sure and sign up to receive them straight to your Inbox!* Continue reading