A Short Morning Routine for When You Don’t Feel Motivated

I’m working with a private client right now who struggles with anxiety and depression, and the hardest time of the day for her is in the morning. No matter if her evening was pleasant, she always seems to wake up with a feeling of dread and has a hard time motivating herself to get out of bed to start the day. Often, she lays there and wallows until she has to head to work.

I realized that we needed to incorporate a healthy morning routine into her day. Having something productive and positive to do right when we wake up can be incredibly helpful in breaking us out of old patterns. Our bodies and minds can get stuck in habits, expecting certain things at certain times of the day, but when we can introduce something new and helpful, we can begin to break those automatic responses.

I created a yoga and meditation sequence for her to do immediately upon waking which takes less than five minutes and can be done in bed (super easy!). I thought I’d share it with you all in case you also find mornings difficult and want to bring in some positivity.

Mornings aren’t particularly challenging for me but I started doing this sequence myself and it really helps to ground and center my thoughts before starting the day. I might make this into a YouTube video eventually but for now, follow along below 🙂


-Find a comfortable seat on your bed. Soften or close your eyes and take three deep, full breaths, filling the body with energy.

-Bring to mind an intention for this new day in the form of a positive phrase in the present tense. What would you like to manifest for your day today? (Ex: If you’re working on more peace in your life, you might say, “I am peaceful.” Or, “I am happy, healthy, and safe.” “I love myself fully and completely.”). Find whatever resonates with you and repeat it to yourself three times.

-Roll your shoulders up, back, and down a few times.

-Inhale to raise the arms over head, exhale to drop one hand and take a side bend. Repeat to the other side.

-Inhale raise the arms, exhale twist. Repeat to the other side.

-Come to hands and knees in a tabletop position. Take some cat and cows. (Arching and rounding the spine).

-Press the hips back to child’s pose.

-In child’s pose, bring to mind three things that you’re really grateful for. They can be small, but allow these things to fill your body and mind with love and light.

-Come back to a seated position, bringing your hands to your heart. Bow to your own divine nature. Then bow to the universe and all beings who walk this path with you.

-You may wish to have a small journal on your bedside table to write down your intention and list of three things you’re grateful for to really seal it in.

-Go about your day and come back to your intention, repeating it to yourself, as often as you can.


You might try this sequence for a week and see how you feel. Make it non-negotiable and hold yourself accountable, or ask someone else to do it with you.

After this, I find it important to nourish my body with a big glass of water and a healthy breakfast. I’ll drink a glass of water with half a lemon, then I’ll make a yummy smoothie. Most mornings, I make the heavy metal detox smoothie by the Medical Medium.

The worst thing that we can do for ourselves in the morning is to lay in bed and think of all that is going wrong or could go wrong. Introducing physical movement upon waking helps to focus the attention away from the mind and into the body.

If you add something positive to your morning routine or try this sequence, I’d love to hear about it!!

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