Yoga for Anxiety: Crocodile Pose

This week, I thought I’d share one of my favorite yoga poses for calming anxiety. I’ve been practicing Crocodile Pose a lot lately, so hopefully it will help you too!

Why is it helpful?

  • Crocodile Pose teaches us to breathe through the diaphragm, which elicits the relaxation response, instead of up in the chest, which we tend to do in times of anxiety and stress.
  • Crocodile Pose forces us to turn inward, away from the external world, and contemplate what is needed for growth and self-love.
  • Crocodile Pose provides pressure on the abdomen, which can be very soothing to the nervous system.

To learn more about this pose, and to practice it, watch the video below!


What are some of your favorite yoga poses for anxiety? I’m thinking about doing a whole series on different poses for anxiety. Any that you’re curious about?

Lots of love to you.

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