Book of the Month Picks- February

It’s no secret by now that I’m a book worm. I read self-help books like they’re going out of style (they’re most definitely not!), and I love a good story.

Reading books and articles was a huge part of my recovery, and helps me still today, so I wanted to start a “Book of the Month” post. Hopefully the books I recommend will be just as helpful for you as they were for me.

Each month, I will choose a self-help and/or anxiety-related book, as well as a purely fun and prose-based book. Enjoy!

1. Embracing Uncertainty: Breakthrough Methods for Achieving Peace of Mind When Facing the Unknown by Susan Jeffers


I first stumbled upon Susan Jeffers’ work when I found her most famous book, Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway, which I found helpful and inspiring while I was struggling.

I loved her style of writing, so I searched for her other books and found this one- Embracing Uncertainty.

Uncertainty. The bane of my existence. I have such a difficult time dealing with uncertainty, and I think that’s where a lot of my anxiety stems from.

I want to control. I want to know. I don’t want to be shocked or unprepared or slapped in the face by life.

The what if’s plague my brain:

“What if this panic attack kills me or makes me lose my mind?”

“What if my parents die suddenly in a car accident?”

“What if my boyfriend and I break up?”

“What if I lose my job?”

“What if I get cancer?”

And on and on until I panic or become immobile with anxiety…

Enter: Susan Jeffers. This book is so filled with wisdom and light. She has such a comforting tone and style of communicating that upon reading this book, my fears and doubts were soothed to sleep. Ultimately, she stresses that no matter what comes our way, WE CAN HANDLE IT. How empowering.

I recommend this book for anyone with anxiety, as we tend to cling obsessively to uncertainty. Let me know if it helps you, I’d love to discuss!

2. At Least You’re in Tuscany by Jennifer Criswell


After my panic attacks started, I couldn’t handle anything even remotely emotional, dramatic, scary, or intense. I sought out as much sweetness as I could to counteract the horrifying thoughts and sensations I was experiencing.

I first read this lighthearted travel memoir right in the middle of panic disorder. It was so refreshing to get lost in a story and forget about my own misery if only for a few hours.

This book chronicles Jennifer Criswell’s first year of living in Montepulciano, Italy after relocating from New York. There, she meets a number of obstacles, but also a tribe of friends and adventures.

I recommend this for anyone who likes travel stories (another one of my obsessions). Again, let me know if you read it!!

6 thoughts on “Book of the Month Picks- February

  1. Annie Olver says:

    Dear Malia, I too am a book lover! Thank you for the recommendations. I will check them out for sure. Annie

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Kara Pacholski says:

    Thank you for the recommendation! Everything you said about anxiety is me….so I just added Embracing Uncertainty to my cart on Amazon. I’ve been on a self-help book kick myself lately. I think that’s part of my controlling issue – the more I know, the less I’m surprised by lol.


  3. sarahsaysblogger says:

    I’ve been reading so many neuroscience type books lately and you must read these!

    – You are the placebo- Joe Dispenza
    – Evolve your brain- the science of changing your mind – Joe Dispenza
    – Breaking the habit of being yourself – Joe Dispenza
    – The Body Keeps the score- brain, mind and body in the healing of trauma- Bessel Van Der Kolk

    You will love these! Not too hard to read and makes SO much sense!

    You can order them on Amazon Kindle so you can start reading straight away! They will really open your else to trauma/anxiety/the mind and body.

    Let me know if you get to read any 🙂


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