3 Self-Help Blogs to Follow Now

As a naturally curious person, I am always, always looking for ways to better myself. I can often be found toting around spiritual, self-improvement books. Yet we don’t need to head to the library to find inspirational writing. Self-help blogs of all kinds can be found across the internet.

Here, I’ll share my three favorite blogs that I swear by.

The easiest thing for me is to subscribe to their e-mail list so I get an e-mail delivered with all the motivation I could ask for. Check out these blogs and let me know what you think!

1) Conscious Transitions

I stumbled across this blog, run by psychologist Sheryl Paul, when I was frantically Googling about relationship anxiety. Turns out, Paul is a naturally anxious, sensitive type of person, like so many of us, and she just gets it.

It’s so profoundly different to go through life as an anxious, sensitive person, and often I feel as if self-help writers just don’t quite understand. Paul, on the other hand, offers practical advice for our overactive minds.

Each week, a thoughtful, much-appreciated blog post is delivered to my inbox.

My favorite posts:
The Architecture of Anxiety and Intrusive Thoughts
Fear is a Friend in Disguise
Relationship Anxiety: Fear Eyes or Clear Eyes?

2) Wisdom From Louise

It’s no secret that I love me some Louise Hay. A celebrated author, Hay is the queen of positive affirmations and self-love.

I refer to my books by her almost every day, opening them up to repeat affirmations in the morning. Recently, I started following her blog, and I can always count on uplifting, loving words from her. She is so optimistic and it can’t help but rub off on you!

My favorite posts:
3 Habits to Build Self-Esteem
Do You Truly Know How to Love Yourself?
Love Your Body

3) Tiny Buddha
This contributor-based blog, run by Lori Deschene, provides one to two articles to my inbox each day. Writers from all walks of life share their powerful knowledge through strikingly personal accounts.

I’ve had a couple of articles published through Tiny Buddha, and the overwhelmingly kind support I received from the millions of readers was so inspiring. To read my posts, visit Articles.

My favorite posts:
Why We Need to Stop Judging Our Feelings
3 Things Panic Attacks Don’t Want You To Know
Dealing with Rejection: It Doesn’t Mean That You’re Not Good Enough

I love to find new, helpful blogs. Let me know: which blogs do you swear by??

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